Assignment 1: Drug Trafficking In The United States

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Drug Trafficking in the United States Jennifer Toste Eng 122 English Composition II Instructor: Laloni Christenson August 12, 2012 The drug market in the United States is one of the most profitable and well organized circuits in the entire world. Drug law enforcement agents face a huge challenge in protecting the country’s borders and communities. “Each year, according to the U.S. Customs Service, 60 million people enter the United States on more than 675,000 commercial and private flights. Another 6 million come by sea and 370 million by land. In addition, 116 million vehicles cross the borders of Canada and Mexico. Amid the volumes of people, drug traffickers conceal cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine into shipments…show more content…
US Fed News Service) Representative Harold Rogers also stated, “If we could get labels to reflect the potency of these drugs, doctors might think twice before prescribing an unnecessary addictive narcotic. Instead we’ve got enough prescription painkillers being prescribed in our country to medicate every American adult around the clock for a month.” (2012, Aug 04). US Fed News…show more content…
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