Assignment 1: Compliance Management

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Compliance Management Tanya L. Thomas Western Governors University Abstract In this paper I will define compliance from a management perspective. I will address problems with compliance as it relates to healthcare. I will analyze specific problem with healthcare compliance. I will give scenarios of what circumstances can come from non-compliance. I will outline a prevention plan and discuss how to stay compliant. I will discuss the changes that are necessary to stay compliant. I will explain the growth in leadership in the HIM department that will mentor compliance behavior as to mitigate legal risk. I will develop a simple plan, with proper detail to teach the clinical staff ways to improve clinical documentation. Compliance…show more content…
A violation of compliance to regulation would simply mean that the guidelines in place have not been followed, weather voluntary or involuntary. In this scenario it seems as though the occurrence was involuntary. The first step is critical, it is essential for the HIM to clearly understand the problem so that all energy will be focused in that direction. The objective is to get as much information about the problem as possible. It may be helpful to divide the symptoms of the problem into hard and soft data. Hard data constitutes Facts, statistics, goals, time factors, history. Soft data involves opinions, human factors, attitudes, frustrations, personality conflicts and behaviors. Sometimes information needs to be gathered via various devices to define the problem. In order to define and identify the problem you must make sure the problem is limited in scope so that it is small enough to realistically tackle and solve. Next, you must state the goal; this provides a focus and direction for the manager. Then, you will have to take into consideration the problem and the scope of the problem. Question the HIM will ask him or herself when analyzing the…show more content…
Joseph Stevens. The daughter-in-law wanted the medical staff to give her more information about the father-in-laws’ medical condition. The daughter-in-law wanted confirmation of the medical condition. The HIM gave redirection to the daughter-in-law to get the health information that she was requesting from her father-in-law as there was no ROI to give anyone this information in Mr. Stevens family. The PHI was left on the home voicemail of Mr. Joseph Stevens but it was then found that there are three patients within the same practice that had the same name Mr. Joseph Stevens and not one of the records had any identifying markers as to who is who. The HIM has to immediately contact the patient to advise of the incident. The HIM has promised the patient resolution. The HIM then found the front desk were the calls are made is excessively busy. The HIM confronted the employee about the incident and reviewed the record with the employee to locate the error and how and why it happened. The HIM now has to think about solving this problem and putting together an action

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