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The earliest period was the Paleolithic Age. During this time, people were hunters, fishers, and gatherers. People were not yet producers of food. They taught themselves to make tools with stone and wood. They also learned to make and control fire and started to acquire a language. People also had religious responses to the world in the Stone Age. There is evidence that labor during this time was characterized by sex. Men engaged in hunting and fishing, making tools and weapons, and fighting for the family. Women were less mobile because of child-bearing, so they gathered nuts, berries, and wild grains, weaved baskets, and made clothes. People began to realize that co-operation was much better than competition during this time. The Neolithic Age is a part of the late Stone Age. It preceded the Bronze age and followed the Paleolithic Age. During the Neolithic Age people used stone tools crafted with more precision, domesticated plants and animals, and lived together in villages. The invention of pottery enabled people to store food and liquids, transport goods from place to place, and cook things that couldn’t be eaten raw. Clothing was made from flax and wool. The population began to grow during the Neolithic Age, partly due to the farmers having large families for more workers. Humans had finally learned how to control nature, which changes the relationship between humans and nature forever. The Bronze Age was more advanced than both of the previous ages. They started using copper instead of stone. The manufacture of metal tools and weapons began to take place. Pottery and textiles began being mass produced. People began being grouped into social classes based on factors such as control of resources, family, religious and political authority, and personal wealth. Writing was starting to be used during this time, too. Humanity began to civilize. The Bronze

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