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Tutor-marked Exercise 1 1) The word(s) highlighted in red in each set of instructions question 1-13 are direction words. | |1. |For each set of instructions for this assignment (that is, questions 1–13 on these pages), identify the direction | | | |words. | | |2. |Use one of the three active reading methods to read the essay for this assignment. Submit all your notes. If you use | | | |the Reading Inventory or SQ4R method, see Note 1 above. For those steps usually done “in your head” (such as | | | |“recite”), note briefly what you did in the step. If you use a Reading Inventory, when you reach “Rereading,” do only | | | |the first three questions listed in Reader’s Choice, page 19. | | |3. |In a word or phrase, state the topic of the passage. | | |4. |What is the author’s purpose? In a sentence or two, explain what gave you this impression. | | |5. |Is the main idea explicit or implicit? If it is explicit, quote the thesis statement and identify the paragraph number| | | |where it is located. If the idea is implicit, state the main idea clearly, in your own words. | | |6. |Describe the tone of the essay. In a few sentences, explain what impact this tone has on your reactions as a reader | | | |and give an example to illustrate the tone. | | |7. |From your reaction/reflection notes, choose and copy out a comment that triggers a topic idea for you. Then,

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