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Module 1 Assignment 1 1 As an early years educator do you believe in the statements given below? Yo may agree or disagree with the statements given, but state your own argument for each. The last column is to state your own perception of an early years educator (overall word limit 150 words for the entire answer). 1 Early years educators should excite and motivate the children’s reading Agree. Reading helps to improve the skill set of a child. Therefore to build and maintain interest towards reading, the educator must create an environment full of excitement and motivation. 2. Text for young learners should be comprehensive, child appropriate and have scope for actively engaging the learners in finally developing their own interactive text. Agree. Young learners are generally very active. Hence if their text is comprehensive, interactive and appropriate it will help them to learn, understand better and also to manage their abundant energy. 3. Early years educator should ensure that the young learners have a play based learning atmosphere. Agree. Children have a very short attention span. Thus by employing variety of teaching methods including games we can grab their attention. Play based learning helps them to learn and think effectively. 4. Early years educators should be open to immense possibilities in teaching multi-literacy in the 21st century. Agree. A multi-literate educator must be able to strike a balance between the academic, personal and professional development. They must be able to rightly use the technological tools in various aspects of their teaching. 5. Your own perception of a 21st century early years educator. 21st century educators must be well equipped with the requisite knowledge and technological tools. They must be constantly updating their knowledge and skills to keep up with the growing demands of

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