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Assignment 1 FNSACC403B Make decisions in a legal context Total Marks 100 Part A 10 Marks Please circle the letter that corresponds with the most correct answer. Question 1 The Australian legal system can be best described as: a) military b) adversary c) inquisitorial d) religious Question 2 Much of our law is common law. Common law: a) is made by judges b) originated in early England c) bases its decisions on precedent d) all of the above Question 3 The law of equity is a) the same as statute law b) a branch of contract law c) a body of laws based on fairness d) no longer relevant |LA016235 Assessment 1; FNSACC403B Ed 3 & 4 |1 | |© New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities 2013, Version 1, March 2013 | | Question 4 Legislation is made by: a) a referendum of voters b) federal and state courts c) federal and state parliaments d) all of the above Question 5 When English colonists settled in a new land they carried their own laws with them. This is called the: a) golden rule b) doctrine of precedent c) colonial rule d) doctrine of reception Question 6 In Mabo v Queensland (1992) the High Court: a) abolished crown land

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