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In this research proposal, the role of marketing management in agricultural marketing theory and practice is described. It is argued that the marketing strategies of farmers are not adequately described by either the business or agricultural marketing disciplines, and a methodology for analysing the farm business marketing strategy process is outlined. (Adapted from McLeay and Zwart, 1993) Let’s look at this more closely: • The general area is business marketing theory • The specific research area is marketing management concepts (especially the difference between agricultural and business marketing theory) • The gap is the application of these concepts to the farming sector • The research question is whether the distinction between agricultural and business marketing theory is justified in the farming sector (Section 1.4 of the final thesis.) • The thesis statement is that neither agricultural marketing nor business marketing concepts are appropriate in the farming sector and that a new methodology is needed. This is what the research will provide. (Section 1.5 of the final thesis.) The research question in this case is really a statement of what needs to be investigated. This is a perfectly acceptable way of putting this part of the introduction. However, it could also be phrased in the form of a question or formal hypothesis. 3. Justification for the proposed research One page is usually sufficient for this. Perry (2003), suggests that writers need to tell the reader that the research can justified along four main criteria: • The size of the industry/area involved • The gaps in the literature that demand attention • The unusual or improved methodology being used • The benefits in terms of policy and practice (Perry, 2003) The example provided above could clearly be justified along all criteria. According to business

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