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General Information for Individual Class Assignments NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all assignments are to be done individually. Please re-familiarize yourself with York’s and Schulich’s policies on plagiarism. If you base portions of your modified code on any source other than your own work, you MUST indicate the exact source explicitly within the comments section of your code at the start of your specific subroutine(s). i) In general, you will need to submit an Excel file containing your assignment solutions. This file can be submitted by e-mail (hint: the strongly preferred method), on CD, or on a memory key - and must be completely virus free. ii) Unless directed otherwise, you must submit a written copy of the VBA computer code subroutines that you create. Please copy the code into a Word document (do not print it out directly from the VB editor) and, after performing appropriate formatting - including the question numbers that the code is applied to together with appropriate indenting & spacing of the code - submit a hard-copy PRINTOUT of this document in-class on the assignment due date – a soft-copy will NOT be accepted. iii) Unless directed otherwise, create only one workbook for the entire assignment and put each question onto a separate sheet - name each sheet appropriately (i.e. by question number). Put any VBA code for each question into a separate module and name each module appropriately (i.e. set this using the “name” property for the module in the VBE). iv) The Excel file must be submitted no later than the start of the class time in which the assignment is due. Late submissions will not be accepted. v) The file naming convention for all submitted files MUST follow the format of “LastName FirstName Class Number Assignment Number”. Take note of the blanks in the file name and the absence of any special

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