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  Course: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 Assignment Number: 1 Date Submitted: 26 March 2014 Number of pages: 31 Email: 2. Catherine Murphy Student Number – UK87439 Assignment 1 1.1 Summarise the main development of a child from the age range 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 5-8 years. The development of a child, refers to the process of learning new skills, abilities and acquiring emotional maturity. All development changes are because of genetic and environmental factors. Child development is the term given to the growth of babies through to childhood. All children will go through the same stages of development, but will do so at varying speeds. There are five key stages of development that take place during the first eight years of a child’s life:- Physical, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Language. 0 – 2 years Physical Development During the first year of life, young children’s physical development is very rapid and they gain increasing control of their muscles. They also develop skills in moving their hands, feet and head. They quickly become mobile and able to handle and manipulate objects. 3. Catherine Murphy Student Number – UK87439 Assignment 1 A baby from birth to three months has already learnt how to suck, swallow, cry and has papillary contraction. They can control eye muscles. When born they can not hold their head up but by the time they get to three months, they can lift their head and move their legs and arms vigorously. They will recognize bright lights, shiny objects and the face of their main carer. At four months they start to explore their own body by putting their hands in their mouth. They can purposely grasp at objects in their reach. At six months they can sit with support and pass a toy from one hand

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