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Assignment 1 Essay

  • Submitted by: badguyvt
  • on September 1, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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BUSM3320 Business Communications: Reflection Blog Journal Marking Guide
The Reflection Blog is not a diary of what happened in Business Communications classes.   Reflection Blog journal entries need to show awareness of your personal communication skill levels and development. They also need to be well-written. They will be assessed as either Weak-below working standard: Reasonable to Good; or Excellent as outlined in the table.
Weak (0-4.9 Marks) | Reasonable(acceptable) to Good (5-7.9 Marks) | Excellent (8-10 Marks) |
    * Too short   * Not at all relevant; off-topic, lacks specific examples (if applicable)   * Does not meet reflective writing minimum standards in grammar, spelling, word choice, paragraph and sentence structure   * Inappropriate level of formality   * Inappropriate tone   * 3 or more days late   * Unorganised, lacks cohesion   * Message is unclear   * Completely descriptive - just a diary of what happened; no self-awareness demonstrated   * Complete lack of self-analysis   * Lack of application to   personal communication skill areas   * Lack of an improvement plan   * Lack of application to future career and personal development |     * Appropriate length   * Relevant ; on-topic overall   * Adequate attention to detail   * Meets reflective writing standards in grammar, spelling, word choice, paragraph and sentence structure most of the time   * Appropriate level of formality   * Appropriate tone   * Submitted on time   *   Adequate organization and cohesio   * Message is mostly clear   * Adequate reflective style showing some self-awareness   * Adequate level of analysis demonstrated   * Adequate application to personal communication skill areas   * Some attention to improvement but too general   * Some application to future career and future personal development; limited, and/or too general |     * Appropriate length   * Highly relevant and on-topic   * Consistently excellent reflective writing standards – grammar, spelling, word choice,...

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