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Table of Contents. 1. Introduction 3 2. Business Overview 3 a. Purpose, goals and objectives 3 b. Organizational Structure 3 c. Key activities and sub-systems 3 3. Problem and Opportunities 3 a. Spray Diagram for problem 3 b. Commitment Statements 3 c. Testing – can the problem be solved? 3 4. Proposed areas for detailed analysis 3 a. System Descriptions for Key Systems 3 b. Key Systems analysis 3 5. Conclusion 3 6. Appendices 3 a. Interview Plan 3 b. Interview Report 3 1. Introduction This report aims to give an overview of the Service Delivery Management work unit within ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Services in a government department (GD) in Australia. The report then analyses a current problem faced by the unit – that of delayed hardware deliveries to its customers. Work unit objectives and problem investigation were carried out using the author’s knowledge (the author is the Service Improvement Manager of this unit), as well as during an interview with the Senior Service Delivery Manager. Refer to the Interview Plan and Report in the Appendices section for more information on the interview. 2. Business Overview a. Purpose, goals and objectives Purpose: The purpose of the Service Delivery Management is to ensure ICT services meet the needs of (GD), and that outsourced ICT services are provided as contracted to the (GD). Goals: To continually improve ICT services delivered to NTG users, and to provide transparent and coordinated GD-wide change control. Objectives: Take End to End perspective of service request tickets, ensuring ticket open times decrease monthly. Ensure work-packages for relevant Continual Service Improvement initiatives are being developed by Service Providers. Ensure Service Providers improve their performance in order to increasingly meet their Service Level Targets. Reduced GD-wide

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