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My Likes and Dislikes Assignment 1 Felix Guignard Jr. Professor Thomas Papi Psychology 105 August 4, 2012 I guess my like is I have a lot of likes I but something I like the most is working on computers. Programming and repairing them I find fascinating. The most amount of thrill I get is when someone brings them in for repair and I get them to work just perfectly. I used to do it for free because it did not feel like work to me, but family and friends told me I should charge for my work. Sometimes I still do the jobs for free depending on the person and their situation. My dislike, I guess if I had to name one is I do not like being dependent on anyone. After my accident I learned a lot about friends and family. In the beginning they seems concerned and I guess in the beginning they are, but after a week they look at you like why can’t you do things for yourself. People you think are your friends slowly stop showing up, and when you call your call goes to voicemail and they do not return your call. Jobs you taught could do without you moved on. I learned the hard way that no one is irreplaceable. I kind of understand and can take why friends and co-workers treat or act that way, after all they are only your friends not your family, but when family does the same thing it hurts more. You are no longer invited to vacations with them. They tried to keep their distance and play it of by not mentioning it but invite other family members. I guess that is why I hate being dependent on people I learned the hard way that when you are hurt make sure you can heal as fast as possible before you become an

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