Assignment 1.2: Situation Analysis

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Assignment 1.2: Course Project – Description and Evaluation of Situation to Be Negotiated Julia Leyva MBA563: Dr. Loretta Jenkins Jones International University June 8, 2014 The situation that I am preparing to negotiate about is the purchase of a car. I have not driven in a few years; have just pretty much walked, ride my bicycle or have gotten rides from people. My fear about this is the expense of a car: gas, insurance, car payment, etc. People involved would be a car dealer, myself, and any one person who will co-sign for me. The only reason(s) for a co-signer would be because my job pays very minimal and my credit is not good. As far as the car dealer, they would want to make sure they gets their money because…show more content…
They want to be able to trust the dealer in knowing that I got a good deal. At the same, the co-signer would want to be able to trust me in know that I will make the payments as planned. Co-signer is putting themselves out there fully trusting me. So, if I do not make the payments, it falls back on co-signer which could pose a lot of stress on both that person and me. For the car dealer, as far as economic outcome, I feel what matters most is that they made a good profit from their customer, in other words, they got the money (Curhan, Elfenbein, & Xu, 2006). At the same time, as far as social psychological outcome, what matters most to the car dealer is that I, as their customer, am leaving happy; it lets them know they provided good customer service. For me it is a social psychological outcome. So, to me, what matters most is knowing that I got a good deal for the car I chose; along with good customer service and knowing and feeling confident I did the right thing. For the co-signer, I feel it is also a social psychological outcome. What matters most to them is that they want to feel confident that they did the right thing by helping me out and they can have a continued trust in

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