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Homework 1. What did Richard Stallman mean when he stated that GNU was a free operating system? The intention was that nobody would have to pay for permission to use the GNU system. Free software is software that users have the freedom to distribute and change. 2. Describe the relationship between Linux and the GNU Project? Linux and GNU software are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. 3. List and describe in detail four advantages of Linux. 4. List three examples of different hardware platforms onto what Linux has been ported. Apple, Compaq’s, Alpha-based machines, Motorola’s 68k-based machines, various 64-bit systems, and IBM’s S/390x 5. What are the minimum system requirements for fedora 15 with the GUI installed? Xen 3.46.What is the primary file system type used by Fedora Linux 15?Ext 4 and 3 6. What is the primary file system type used by Fedora 15 Linux? Ext4 7. What is LVM? What advantages does LVM have over traditional partitions? It allows you to manage logical volumes in a single partition, but more importantly, it allows you to shrink or expand them while the system is up and running. 8. What is a mount point? A mount point is a term used to describe where the computer puts the files in a file system on Unix-like systems. 9. How many primary drive partitions are supported on computers that still conform to the standard established by MS-DOS? How many total partitions can a standard computer disk [IDE/SATA] support? How many does the SCSI support? 4 primary partitions, Due to limitations imposed by DOS back in the '80s, ATA (the proper name for ide) and SATA drives can only hold 4 partitions, SCSI can support up to 128 physical disks. 10. What directories are often stored on their own partitions? Root, home, boot and swap. /usr, /home, /var 11. Instead of a page file – such as in Windows- what

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