Assignment 07 – Case 11: Harleydavidson.Com And t Essay

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BM350 Marketing Management Assignment 07 – Case 11: and the Global Motorcycle Industry April 12, 2011 The internet is a great promotional medium for Harley-Davidson because it reaches across the entire world. The mass media advertising implemented by Harley-Davidson is intended to reach as many members of the general public as possible. Generally, this type of advertisement is used because of its depth in effectively reaching people. These ads are intended to target both potential repeat customers as well as first time buyers. With Harley-Davidson imagery and lifestyle is very important. Harley-Davidson is an image and a lifestyle as much as it is a motorcycle manufacturer. A flashy, well made website with a bunch of pictures and sounds with people looking really cool displays the best things about the bikes. This gives people information where the potential customer can compare products and gather information before going to a local dealer. There are many different roles where Harley-Davidson’s website can be utilized. Harley owners can shop for new products for their existing motorcycle or for specialty clothing items. They can also search for replacement parts before contacting the dealer itself. New customers are able to see what products Harley-Davidson has to offer and compare prices with other manufactures of similar products. The more information the public can obtain, the better chances a potential customer will want to see the products in person. Also, information about the company can be a huge plus where the individual can find out just what the companies feeling are in respect to the environment. Today these issues are playing an important role in people’s perception of companies. A well thought out website can inform more people across the world than any other advertisement media

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