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Chartres Cathedral: Interior Architectural Features The west entrance to Chartres cathedral, also called The Royal Portal, has three doors. Stepping through a door, as if with some magic, opens a portal to the past. Preserved over the span of several centuries, the treasuries of Notre Dame Cathedral is bathed in the sunlight coming through numerous windows. Breathtaking height of ceiling vault measures 120 feet. Supported from the outside by flying buttresses, clerestory wall is filled with clerestory windows, consisting of one round window and two long lancets beneath it. Triforium, a narrow passageway above the aisles, rests on large arches supported by colon of strong piers. These piers separate nave from the aisles on both sides. Gliding down the nave, the colonnade of pillars seems to stop, giving the open space to crossing, the next section of cathedral. From the left side of crossing is north entrance protected with three massive doors. The openings in the wall above the entrance are covered by long lancet windows and one round window at the top, which is called the North Rose. It is made of stained glass and captures events from Old Testament. On the right side of the crossing is south entrance, which is built similarly, with lancet windows and one round window on the top, called South rose. Finally, straight ahead is apse, defined by long lancets without a round window, unlike the other sections of cathedral. Nativity: Giotto vs. Pisano Let me state the obvious: “Giotto’s Nativity is painted and it is part of fresco while Nicolas’s is carved and its part of relief.” The second thing that catches the observer’s eye is that Giotto’s fresco represents two events: Annunciation to the Shepherds and the Nativity. On the other hand, Nicola’s relief captures four events, Annunciation to Mary and Washing of the Infant Chris being additional. This is the reason

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