Assignment 031 Task 1

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Assignment 031 Task A Written report a. Understand how the social, economic and cultural environment can impact on the outcomes and life chances of children and young people. There are many factors that will affect the lives of children and young people. These factors can affect them internally or even externally. Many issues in our society will affect the children and young people; we care for in our settings. We work with children from all type of background. As a practitioner our role will be to be aware of the issues that can have positive and negative impact on children’s lives. We should understand that this is the centre of our duties another to meet the children individual needs. To understand this better we going to visit the 5 outcomes of every child matters: The well-being of children and young people has always been the focus of the EYFS, but assumed an even greater significance following the Children Act 2004. In the aftermath of the Victoria Climbie enquiry, there was recognition of the need to bring more coherence to services for children. The Act places a duty on children’s services authorities to make arrangements through which key partners or key workers work collaboratively to improve the…show more content…
Staying safe - this outcome is principally about the extent to which we contribute in ensuring that ‘children’ stay safe from harm. Anything that can harm them, ie: emotional, social, physical, mental and sexual exploitation. Having a health and safety/staying safe policy in place will help protect children and young people, we must comply with child protection legislation, undertaking CRB checks, protecting young people and vulnerable adults from bullying, harassment and other forms of maltreatment, discrimination, crime, anti-social behaviour, sexual exploitation, and exposure to violence, drugs, and other dangers. We must ensure that all relevant staff is appropriately trained so that we can meet the needs of children in our
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