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Assignment 305 – understand person centred approaches in adult health and social care settings Task A Awareness Raising Campaign Your work is running a campaign to improve staff understanding of all aspects of person centred care. You have been asked to create the following materials: Ai - A poster which describes a range of person centred approaches to care Aii - A hand out which explains why person centred values are important and how they influence social care work Aiii – A poster that explains the factors which can contribute to the wellbeing of individuals Aiv – A hand out that explains the link between identity, self-image and self esteem. Av - A guide for social care workers which: • A – describes ways they can ensure the environment promotes well being • B – Explain why it is important to support individuals in a way that promotes their identity, self image and self esteem. Av A Everybody wants to feel physically and mentally well but sometimes we do not know how to achieve it. People need information and guidance on how to eat healthy, what activities and where to do them. Creating posters, leaflets, organising meetings are the easiest ways to increase awareness. We can also should try to involve families of the service users to help us. B All individuals should be encouraged to make choices and decisions and do as much for themselves as possible. As a part of positive outcomes, we need to consider how we can promote their own sense of identity. Individuals who are unable to exercise choices and control may suffer lower self-esteem and loose confidence is their own abilities. Ai: Give a chance to decide Activities Clothes
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