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VALLEY VIEW UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER SCIENCE ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT COURSE CODE INFT 245 LECTURER: MR. WINFRED LARKOTEY GROUP 7 AIDOO JACQUELIINE 212IT02009365 IDDI ABEL GOWOR RAYMOND JAMAL WAPNEN TABLE OF CONTENT * INTRODUCTION( PROFILE AND EXECUTIVE SUMMARY) * VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT * GOALS AND OBJECTIVES * STRENGTHS * WEAKNESSES * OPPORTUNITIES * THREATS * THE FUTURE FOR JAW DIAMONDS BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BUSINESS ICE DESINNS is a business that deals only in diamond accessories, we were established on 17th October 2014 and located at Accra, Ghana precisely Valley view University campus at Oyibi, dodowa. We have over 30 employees among the various departments who include; our skilled laborers, innovative and exclusive designers and our craftsmen. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The partners of this business make up the executives. That’s the supplier, the manufacturer and the retailer. That’s the; * Distributor or supplier brings the stones or real diamonds. * Manufacturer produces customize and unique designs across the world. * Exclusive retailer who sells the designed accessories to clients. THE DISTRIBUTOR/SUPPLIER THE MANUFACTURER THE EXCLUSIVE RETAILER VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT VISION: We are aiming at producing high quality and affordable custom products to meet the needs of clients and extending our production globally. MISSION: ICE designns is an imaginative diamond company aimed at offering quality, affordable and customized products for individuals and organization. MOTO: Re-living the Ice Age… GOALS AND OBJECTIVES GOALS Appreciating and meeting the needs and demands of clients * Extending supply channels * Gaining market attention * Producing high quality accessories to

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