Assignement 6.1 Essay

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Assignment 6.1 Task 1: From doing these activities I have discovered that I am a visual learner. A visual learner is someone that uses colour to interpret different phrases and also uses pictures. A few characteristics of a visual learner are that they like to read and write rather than listen, remember what they see rather than what they hear and also remember pictures and diagrams. Overall, I agree with all of these characteristics as these are what I do and when I think about it I can relate to them. However, I disagree with a characteristic which says that they like more art than music which is not me at all I hate art. While doing research I have found out some tips that I didn’t know could be helpful while studying like closing your eyes and trying to visualise the information, when using flashcards that you limit the amount of information on them, so you don’t overload them with facts, another one that I learnt was that when you hear a new word you can try visualising the spelling of the word. Task 2a: I feel like I learnt my maths GCSE successfully for many reasons. I really enjoyed the lessons and the way they were taught, because I am a visual learner just sitting in front of the board and doing examples and questions helped me a lot getting me through this GCSE. Also I managed to complete all the tasks in the given time limit that we got given. Motivation played a big part on me passing this because I got great support at home by my family and also I got support from the teachers and my friends as well at school. Also I think that because I was interested in the subject and wanted to learn, which helped me pass my maths GCSE. The teacher helped me pass also because he was strict but he knew what needed doing and he would always push people to their limits and know when people needed motivation, he also made the room have a positive feeling and he would
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