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Assignment 3 Ivory Harris PharmaCARE Scenario Strayer University Prof. Campbell Stakeholders Describe the key characteristics of a stakeholder and determine all the stakeholders within the PharmaCARE scenario. The primary stakeholders in a typical corporation are its investors, employees, customers and suppliers. According to Project Management Tips (, n.d.), some of the key characteristics of a stakeholder is a) a person who stands to gain or lose through the success or failure of the project, a ROI b) provides funding for the project c) has invested resources in the project, d) is affected by the outputs of the project, e) is in the “chain of accountability”. The stakeholders within the PharmaCARE scenario would be the CEO, PharmaCARE’s executives and its Shareholders/stockholders of the company. Analyze the human rights issues presented by PharmaCARE’s treatment of the Colberia’s indigenous population versus that of its executives. Recommend at least three (3) changes PharmaCARE can make to be more ethical going forward. Corporations are expanding their business enterprise to less regulated poorer countries where they can violate human rights with the cooperation of that countries government, and make the officials rich. The corporations are setting up businesses in other countries where the indigenous people of that area are poor, often living in less than standard conditions and working for huge corporations such as PharmaCARE. In these countries, big corporations will have little to no resistance from the indigenous people. By moving the corporations to developing countries they can employ workers for less than minimum wage, and were workers’ rights are non existent, also they can avoid paying the high cost of U.S. taxes. (Shah, 2002) When analyzing the human rights issues presented by

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