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All of Mozart's work had the central traits of classical music. In Mozart's symphony "Prague", it describes how the city of Prague is where all his success was. He had a special relationship with not just the city itself but also, the people of Prague and that shows in his symphony. He allows others to see how appreciated he was by the people of the city and how it made him feel. He brings in emotions and let's the city know how appreciative he is of their support. The idea of "social contract or "Political society" can instigate a revolution because all people of a community come together as one and must abide by the laws set forth or else action can and will be handled in a manner that is set forth by the Authorities. It can be undermineing because if people do not come together as a whole it is considered nature. The quote I chose was, "Those who are united into one Body, and have a common establish'd Law and Judicature to appeal to, with Authority to decide Controversies between them, and punish Offenders, are in Civil Society one with another: but those who have no such common Appeal, I mean on Earth, are still in the state of Nature, each being, where there is no other, Judge for himself, and Executioner; which is, as I have before shew'd it, the perfect state of Nature." I believe that this means that here on Earth we have all different countries with different dictators, Pope's, Presidents, etc., so we all have different government systems to keep us in line. Whereas, if we all had the same system the world would all have the same understandings of laws and how we must abide by them instead of when people go country to country or even state to state the laws differ and make it more complicating for people to

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