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32209/48436 Week 4 - HTTP Status Codes Oct12 Status Code 100 101 200 201 Reason Phrase Continue Switching Protocols OK Created Description Client should continue sending its request. This is a special status code; see below for details. The client has used the Upgrade header to request the use of an alternative protocol and the server has agreed. Generic successful request message response. This is the code sent most often when a request is filled normally. The request was successful and resulted in a resource being created. This would be a typical response to a PUT method. The request was accepted by the server but has not yet been processed. This is an intentionally “non-commital” response that does not tell the client whether or not the request will be carried out; the client determines the eventual disposition of the request in some unspecified way. It is used only in special circumstances. 202 Accepted 203 The request was successful, but some of the information returned by Non-Authoritative the server came not from the original server associated with the Information resource but from a third party. No Content The request was successful, but the server has determined that it does not need to return to the client an entity body. The request was successful; the server is telling the client that it should reset the document from which the request was generated so that a duplicate request is not sent. This code is intended for use with forms. The server has successfully fulfilled a partial GET request. See the topic on methods for more details on this, as well as the description of the Range header. The resource is represented in more than one way on the server. The server is returning information describing these representations, so the client can pick the most appropriate one, a process called agent-driven negotiation. The resource

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