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Case study Jones Jewelry Lhamsuren Lhagvadorj Jones Jewelry Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who live in London, have been running a business called Jones Jewelry from their home for the last five years making jewelry and designs. Mr. Jones creates the designs and Mrs. Jones turns them into jewelry. When they first began their business 10 years ago it was completely manual and all work was done without computers. Since then things have changed. Mr. Jones went on a computing course and learnt how to use a graphics package called Photoshop and Mrs. Jones has bought herself a machine to engrave some of the jewelry with special messages. In the last three years the business has grown so much that they have had to take on two workers to help out. These workers make jewelry, package up orders and send orders off to shops and customers. The two workers also help out at trade shows, which take place every year. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have also been asked to write a book on their jewelry designs. This book will be sold in major bookshops and online. Last week Mr. Jones received a call from one of his major customers, Lewis John Ltd, a chain of department stores that buy much of the jewelry made by the Jones. Lewis John Ltd has decided to open a new store, which will have a large jewelry section. They want Mr. and Mrs. Jones to make a large range of new jewelry, exclusively for them. The amount of jewelry they want as stock is far in excess of what can currently be made by Mr. and Mrs. Jones. It is clear that if they want to take up the offer from Lewis John Ltd they must now move the business from home and set it up as a professional business in its own premises. Mr. and Mrs. Jones accepted the Lewis John Ltd offer, as it would mean their business could really grow. However Mr. and Mrs. Jones realized they would need a lot of help expanding their business. Since Mr. and Mrs. Jones

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