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Nursing Theory Models are co-related in between theory, education, research, and clinical practice, working as a guide in all areas with this interaction assuring that the nursing profession stay relevant and continuous positively influencing the patient’s health. Many Nurses have developed theories to define or explain various aspects of the nursing profession, and becoming a step-by-step set of ideas and “concepts that hold true as a constant and can be used to treat patients, describe and explain illnesses and their subsequent cures, predict facets of cause, reaction and outcome, and prescribe a healing course of action. Nursing theories can be viewed as the field establishing its professional boundaries as the main component of caring is impossible to measure. The theories also seek to define what it is that nurses know and do as a separate autonomous discipline that is only recently being granted its autonomy.” ( n.d.) Sr. Roy’s, encouraged by Johnson’s nursing model, in 1976 developed the Roy’s Adaptive Model (RAM) which incorporate concepts from, Helson’s adaptation theory, Von Dohrenrend and Seyye, and Lazarus’s coping model (Philips, 2002). RAM understands a person as an interrelated system, biological, psychological, and social. Understanding Roy’s Adaptive Model RAM describes a person as “an adaptive system with cognator and regulator subsystems acting to maintain adaption in the four adaptive modes” (Roy, 2009): physiologic-physical, self-concept-group identity, role function and independence (Figure 1). It also takes in consideration an interdependency between person and resources, where the person is a whole in the family, groups, community, society, organizations, and nation, with their environment been related to “all conditions, circumstances, and influences surrounding and affecting the development and behavior of persons

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