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Financial Planning Assignment 1:Encomic basics 1.)One I will say that financial skills help me manage my money. That way I cant handle my money in a responsible way. Another financial skill that would be useful to me is to keep a good credit score. That way it would benefit me when buying a home or car. 2.)To purchase in the future .a home .a car 3.)Services to be purchased .cable/internet services .cell phone services 4.)Inflation erodes the buying power of money. Meaning it mainly affects the ability of money to serve as a store value. 5.) I would find worry about interest rates because the flucation can have a impact on consumer purchasing. Because most people would buy when interest rates are higher just means higher prices. Inflation is another one because if wages don’t rise at the same rate people loose money. Another would be employment because I don’t want to go to a new country and not be able to find a job anywhere. 6.)I think that a market economy would be better because there’s a lot of advantages to it. It would be easier for someone to create a better life for themselves. We could take so many people off the street with a market economy . 7.) It’s a good thing but bad at the same time it could bring in more jobs into the community. But it can also be a bad thing. Why you ask? Well because this business could get greedy, be harmful to the community, or even take advantage of the people. 8.) I chose subway because they have a lot of competitors. For one there are about 50,000 competitor in the entire world. But I am going to focus on about six. Direct competitor would be cousins, quiznos and jimmy johns. These three are direct competitors because they deal with the same type of food subs. Three in direct competitors would be burger king, culvers, and Mc Donald’s because they do not deal with the same

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