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Assigment 305 Essay

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Assignment 305 – Task c
Case to Study 1
CI- Describe the different factors that might affect an individual’s ability to express their view.
Factors such as one's self esteem, location, stress, if they have a speech impediment, understanding of the topic and possibly nerves would all affect your ability to express their view.
CII- Explain different ways of gaining consent to activities or actions.
We got 2 forms to get consent to activities or actions. Verbally and Writing
Verbally - explaining what you asking for consent to and why, e.g. "Can I take your temperature?", "Would you like me to put your name down for this trip?" etc. 
Writing - requiring a written response i.e. permission/acceptance/refusal.
Sometimes a formal response is required but at other times a nod is all that is needed.
CIII- Explain what to do if the social care worker cannot gain consent or is unsure of the response.
I would you tell the social care to not   carry on, I would stop the social care worker and try another approach, I would   ask someone else, and I would check the care plan in place and show the social care what is the thing to do.

Case to Study 2
CIV- Describe a range of approaches to help individuals make informed choices.
Give then the opportunities to speak, tell the social care worker to always read and follow the care plan in place, respect the choices and tell in supervision what the social care worker is doing maybe she don’t realized

CV- Describe different ways to help an individual challenge decisions made by others.
Try always show what the best is for them, and try to show support, involve them, and make sure they understand what is talk to then show the plan, and be trustworthy, to this person always ensure that they choice will be respect.

CVI- Explain the possible consequences if the personal views of others are allowed to influence the choices an individual makes.
They will probable fell very unhappy, and disrespected no trust no...

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