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XXModule 1 – Assignment 1 There are ten questions in this assignment. It is worth 100 marks. This is the first assignment booklet for Module 1. Save this assignment on your hard drive. As you work through this assignment, be sure to regularly save your work. Once you have completed the WHOLE assignment, upload it to the D2L Dropbox. If you are unsure of what to do, please contact your teacher. It is much easier for your teacher to mark your work if you change the colour of the font that you use for your answers. Blue is the best colour for you to use. Question #1 At the beginning of Module 1, you read about dimensions of health and the development of personal well-being. You then went on to read about personal resources and making decisions. In order for you to make good decisions about your future, you need to understand what you believe in and what is important to you. As you work through this course, you will examine some of these values in greater detail. To answer this question, fill in the chart and then answer the questions. Part A is worth 15 marks and Part B is worth 5 marks. Type your answers into the chart. Part A |Personal Value |Degree of Importance |In one or two sentences, explain why you feel this value is very | | |(highlight your answer) |important, somewhat important, or not important. | |planning for my future, | |If I don’t start planning for my future now, my choices of things I want | |e.g., a career |very important |to do e.g. career will be limited to the only the subjects I took and | | |somewhat important |didn’t specify in. | |

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