Assigment 208 Essay

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Assigment 208 – Understand health and safety in social care settings Task A – Plan Ai – Examples of accidents and/or sudden illnesses that might occur * Slip and fall on the toilet/bathroom’s wet floor. * Choking while eating. * Overdose an individual by accident. * Upset stomach or diarrhoea. Aii – Procedure in the event of an accident or sudden illness 1) Keep calm. 2) Clear the area to prevent further injury/spread of illness/infection. 3) Ask for help, assess individual(s) for injuries and give first aid only if trained to do so. 4) Stay with the individual(s) until further help arrives and observe if any changes. 5) Communicate everything that happened to medical assistance when arriving. 6) Report the accident completing an accident form (and any necessary documentation) while following all the policies and procedures. Aiii – Principles for safe moving and handling * Assess the load (person/object). * Working environment (lighting/space). * Individual capability (the need for assistance/aids). * Factors to enable reducing risks of injury (aids). * Importance of correct posture and techniques (knees bent). * Coordinated approach. * Good communication. * The use of mechanical aids, if necessary. * Change of task and approach if required. Aiv – Why it is important to follow the care plan and communicate with each individual when assisting and moving * By communicating and following the individual’s care plan, we are able to show respect for that individual’s needs and preferences and therefore promote the values of an outstanding care. Av – Staff responsibilities for medication in a social care setting * Follow the legal requirements for the storage, administration, records and disposal of controlled drugs. * Follow the policy for the safe disposal

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