Self-Employment Is A Good Fit For Entrepreneurship

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Do you think self-employment is a good fit for you? Why or why not? Give at least 3 reasons. (3-5 sentences. 5.0 points)Self employment could be a good fit for me, because, I can work on my own. I complete my work without supervision and I'm on time and dependable. I'm not afraid to get help if its needed or beyond what I can do. I will make sure the job is completed correctly and that the customer is happy with the job Which characteristics of a successful entrepreneur do you already have? Which ones would you need to develop? Discuss at least 5 characteristics that you have or want to develop. (3-5 sentences. 5.0 points) Some characteristics of an entrepreneur that I would like to develop are to manage money more wisely. I would also like to build a good reputation so that I would be wanted and become more of an expert. I do have a strong desire to succeed and to be available and dependable. I would like to make sure that I…show more content…
Explain why your answers to question 4 above do or don't make you a good fit for entrepreneurship. (3-5 sentences. 2.5 points) In the beginning of starting your own business you may not make enough to pay all your bills. If you don't have enough money you may have to work for someone else while trying to run your business. Working somewhere else or working two or three jobs, there might not be enough effort being put into your own ideas or business. 6. Describe at least 5 skills or characteristics you could develop while working for someone else as an employee, and explain how you could try to develop them. (3-8 sentences. 5.0 points) Working for someone else I could develop good communication skills and become an effective leader by observing the good and bad points of another business owner. Having good communication skills would probably help me be more persuasive with employees and have a happy customer base. This would lead to a good reputation and having repeat business and also of becoming more of an

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