Assigment 1 - Week 1 Essay

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Assignment 1 Aixel Garcia COM200: Interpersonal Communication Prof. Cheri Ketchum January 24, 2014 Being able to communicate properly is an everyday task, is not only about knowing the proper way to speak or listening, but it involve and could interfere with the message we want to get across. After reading the article “Close relationships sometimes mask poor communication” (2011), we can notice how different we might interpret one simple sentence like “it’s getting hot in here”. I remember one day at a family gathering, my brother was talking to his girlfriend and she made the comment “I’m hot” and my brother to be funny told her “of course, that’s why I’m dating you”. We laugh knowing that he was joking with her, but his girlfriend made the clarification of she actually meant, that made it even funnier. Even though this happened as a joke, maybe at another situation or place could be perceived incorrectly and make it unappropriated if the people around is not aware that my brother comment was a joke, and it would probably make people around you uncomfortable. To avoid this to happen we have to be careful with whom and where, we make a joke, to avoid a misinterpretation. In the article “Lost in Translation” (2010) they make reference on how “differences between languages have profound consequences for how their speakers understand events” (p.15), me being a native Spanish speaker, I know it could generate confusion from time to time because sometimes there are big differences on how you will say something in English or Spanish; specially when one of the language is being learned, of course this will make sense because you are translating from one language from another. But you could also get “Lost in Translation” with the same language in this case Spanish. One day at work a co-worker originally from Mexico had car problems, she could not find a

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