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HFCI: Facilitate Continuous Improvement Student Guide BSBMGT516A: Facilitate Continuous Improvement Elements of competence • • • Lead continuous improvement systems and processes Monitor and adjust performance strategies Manage opportunities for further improvement 1 BSB51107 Diploma of Management _____________________________________________________________________________________________ MODULE DESCRIPTION In this module, skills and knowledge as well as the performance outcomes required to lead and manage continuous improvement systems and processes. Particular emphasis is on the development of systems and the analysis of information to monitor and adjust performance strategies and to manage opportunities for further development. LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of this module, students will have an understanding of how to manage the continuous improvement process in order to achieve the organisation’s objectives. Students will understand the importance continuous improvement, developing strategies, use of KPI’s and the various stakeholders and their role in ongoing improvement within a workplace TEACHING PROGRAM The program is of sixty (60) hours duration, comprising twelve (12) hours per week for one teaching block of five (5) weeks. The program will consist of eight hours of lectures and four hours of tutorials per week COURSE REQUIREMENTS To be assessed as competent for this unit of competency you must be able to do the following: (1) (2) Demonstrate understanding of all learning outcomes Successfully complete and submit all tasks as requested Assessment methods and tasks Methods of assessment Through consultation with industry, the following assessment methods have been deemed appropriate for this unit. Test Case Study Complete the test on continuous improvement models. The candidate must read the case study and then answer

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