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Nisha Patel ID: 10096 Adbm2 Unit 8 communication processes Q1) Discuss communication processes and effectiveness of systems of communication within business organisations. Business communication skills can consist of many things such as: Verbal communication is a type of communication that involves use of words for communicating. Non-verbal communication is a mode of communication which only majorly uses body language and various other physical gestures as a means for communicating. Written communication is a type that only includes written forms for communicating. Employment communication is a mode of communication that is particularly used for accepting the applicants for a job. Electronic communication is the modern way of communication that includes electronics and latest technology for communicating such as teleconferencing e-mail, etc. Communication can be an important factor in business, it can determine that everyone gets there opinion across and everyone is heard. This means that everyone has participated in the business activities and then the business can use each idea in the company. How it relates: employees must talk with respect, listen for understanding, get along with others, and speak so others can understand in order to use the Communication Process effectively as it applies to their life and goals as parents, workers, and citizens and clients. This lesson has connections with the businesses – Listen for Understanding, Talking with Respect and Getting Along With Others; is the key and importance to the company’s success. The process of communication would be as follows: Message conceived decision made to send message and reasons why. Message encoded information for notice and what sort of layout is going to be used etc. Communications medium selected communication method selected, in this case notice. Message

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