Assessment Using Ilt Essay

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Section 1 - Theory The theory of assessment is the ongoing processes in conjunction with teaching to facilitate learning and therefore assessment underpinning the teaching (Tummons, J. 2007). There are two views of assessment: The Traditional and Modern view. The Traditional view can be described as a set of devices or tools which are employed to measure learners’ achievements (Cox and Harper 1999). The modern view is based on learning and monitors progression continuously, (Petty 2004). Wilson (2008) defined assessment as an integral part of teaching and which contributes to the modern view argument. Wilson (2008) asserts that a good assessment strategy should attempt to focus more on making a judgment which measures learning. Hence, this assertion is consistent with the modern view arguments. Within teaching, assessment is used to gauge the level of learning which has already been developed, it checks whether learning has occurred as well as ensures that what has been taught is understood and this may give the teacher the direction for future learning. Assessment can also take the form of formative or summative. Formative assessment is designed to assist the learning process by providing feedback to the learner, which can be used to highlight areas for further study and hence improve future performance (Wilson 2008). The examples of this type of assessment are essays or class tests which have feedback/comments to students identifying strengths and areas of weakness but no overall grades are given. This type of feedback is continuous and conforms to the modern view of learning. (Wilson 2008). Summative assessment is designed to judge the students overall performance and is carried out at the end of the course of learning, (Scales 2008). Summative assessment falls within the traditional view of learning (Wilson 2008). In teaching and learning the

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