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Assessment Tools Analysis of Vulnerable Populations
Rosalyn Huf
Dawn Talbert
October 17, 2011

Assessment Tools Analysis of Vulnerable Populations
Assessment tools are created to evaluate patients who have a medical need. Nurses use these tools as an aid in organizing data to receive from a patient with a certain health condition. Last week I assessed a registered nurse Bobby who was dealing with substance and alcohol abuse. For Bobby to receive treatment his doctor may have him fill out certain assessment tools. Examples are the Beck Depression Inventory and the Personal Experience Inventory. These two scales will assess the severity of Bobby’s depression and will assist Bobby’s doctor in problem identification, treatment referral, and individualized planning associated with addressing the abuse of alcohol and other drugs (Winters, 2010).
The major elements of Jean Watson’s theory are factors of caring, transpersonal caring relationship, and caring occasions/moments. Watson believes that human caring is “not just an emotion, concern, attitude, or benevolent desire. Caring is the moral ideal of nursing whereby the end is protection, enhancement, and preservation of human dignity” (Watson, 2007, p. 29). With this idea in mind, the assessment tools aforementioned can be used by the nurse or physician to protect, enhance, and preserve human dignity (Watson, 2007).
The Beck Depression Inventory, one of the most widely used instrument, was designed to measure the severity of depression in adolescents and adults. An important use of the Beck Depression Inventory is examining the specific items as significant information about a person's experience of depression. The validity of the Beck Depression Inventory is understood to have good levels of validity mainly because the scale is derived from a clinical theory of depression, and it has a high degree of
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