Assessment Tool Analysis

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Assessment Tool Analysis Paper
Lana Morrison
University Of Phoenix
August 25, 2014

Assessment Tool Analysis Paper

Assessment is the first step in the nursing process and vital to nursing care. The assessment tools will help the nurse to identify areas of actual or potential problems that need further exploration. Jean Watson’s theory of human caring focused on establishing a caring relationship with patients. She believed in treating them as holistic mind, body, and spirit (Watson, 2007). Watson’s theory of caring is the blueprint nurses use to care for their patients, family members and themselves within their scope of practice. Watson’s theory of caring is based on ten caritas to aid the nurses in developing a trusting relationship with their patients. Watson’s ten carative factors are: (1) humanistic-altruistic system of values, (2) faith and hope, (3) sensitivity to self and others, (4) helping-trusting, human care relationship, (5) expressing positive and negative feelings, (6) creative problem-solving caring process, (7) transpersonal teaching-learning, (8) supportive, protective, and /or corrective mental, physical, societal, and spiritual environment, (9) human needs assistance, and (10) existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces (Watson, 2007). To further secure our understanding and relationship with the patient we can use our assessment tool analysis to better treat the disease process. Watson encourages nurses to remain caring regardless of the high demands placed on the nurse. The assessment tools that I have selected to analyze are: Beck Depression Inventory, Coping Resources Inventory for Stress and Spiritual Well-Being Scale. This paper will examine three assessment tools, and how they can improve the nursing process and quality of care being given. These assessment tools will be applied to a vulnerable population, patients

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