Assessment Roles Essay

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Role Brief Role Description Assessment Sponsor\Steering Committee The Assessment Sponsor\ Steering Committee are the initiative owners who provide the assessment objectives and direction, scope of systems and processes to be evaluated. The Assessment Sponsor\ Steering committee is responsible to ensure that key people in the organisation are available to the assessment team for interviews. In some projects, the Steering Committee may not be a formal committee. Stakeholders Stakeholders are key people in the customer’s organisation to be interviewed during the Discover phase of the assessment. Stakeholders can be Release Managers, Development Managers or Operations Managers. Project Manager Project Manager plays a significant role in managing the delivery of the assessment and is responsible for schedule, resource, and reporting status. This role can be within the customer’s organisation or Sample. This role is only required on a part-time. Enterprise Architect Customer will need to appoint or provide an Architect with enterprise architecture experience. This person will be the first point of contact to the Assessment team related to overview of systems and processes. The Architect will need to support, provide architecture overview, feedback and verify preliminary ratings and findings. CTO Architect The CTO Architect role is performed by an Sample Consultant with enterprise architecture experience. Along with the Project Manager, they provide governance and leadership within the team. They are responsible for ensuring the quality of the assessment from a technical viewpoint. Lead Architect The Lead Architect role is performed by an Sample Consultant with either solution or infrastructure architecture experience, depending on the nature of the assessment. They are primarily responsible for the technical evaluation of the customer’s systems and processes. The
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