Assessment of Learning Essay

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Assessment of learning is a type of assessment that is used to confirm what students know, to determine whether or not the students have met the standards (i.e. criterion-referenced), and/or show how much they have learned in relation to other students (i.e. norm-referenced). It is also used to provide accurate descriptions of proficiency or competence so that the recipients of such information can make reasonable decisions regarding the students. Assessment as learning emphasizes the use of assessment in developing and supporting metacognition for students. Acting as active, engaged and critical assessors in assessment of learning, students can make sense of the feedback, relate it to prior knowledge, and use it for new learning. Assessment as learning is therefore an important means for helping students develop and practice reflection and critical analysis of their own learning. 2 types of useful assessments are performance assessments and portfolio assessments. Performance assessment A performance assessment requires students to demonstrate proficiency in realistic tasks such as conducting experiments, accomplishing a series of steps in a professional undertaking, following directions, making diagrams, manipulating materials or equipment, or reacting to role-plays or simulations. Performance assessments can be very useful in curricula that require students to demonstrate their skills, such as for those in the health disciplines, the sciences, and education. Portfolio assessment A portfolio assessment is a type of authentic assessment in which a purposefully selected subset of student work is used to demonstrate growth, evaluate development of skill, or to showcase current abilities. This may be combined with other types of authentic assessments in order to complement assessment based on test scores alone, thereby

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