Assessment of Group Behavior Essay

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1.0- Introduction In this report, I shall be evaluating personal impact and roles in the team when working on our group presentation we conducted on the possibility of a new FDA Entrepreneurship course being introduced to Bournemouth and Poole College’s framework. I will be focussing, in part, on my contribution to the process of preparation and delivery of the presentation, in the frame of learning theories and concepts. 2.0- Self-Analysis of Learning Styles Our group task was to prepare and deliver a 20-minute presentation on a new foundation degree in Entrepreneurship that is currently being considered by Bournemouth and Poole College. Upon working as part of this group, I have been able to further understand my own learning styles, to help with this understanding I have looked into a number learning and behaviour theories. One of the most widely used learning theories is the VAK theory, which stands for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. This theory is very similar to that of **Kolb, and outlines the different ways in which people learn. These styles involve methods of education that are specific to an individual, which should allow that individual to learn in the most effective way. As brushed upon earlier, the VAK theory is broken up into three sections, the first one being ‘visual’, this type of learner will prefer to be shown how to carry out a task, or to read through instructions themselves. Second is the ‘auditory’ learner, these people favour having an explanation given verbally for them to listen to, for example… “When seeking travel directions, they are likely to ask for spoken directions” (Chislett, 2005) The final learning style within the VAK theory, is the ‘kinesthetic learner’, this my preferred learning style as I prefer to try things out for myself rather than being told how to do something or reading instructions. This was always apparent

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