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3 Assessment Task II JQW PROJECT SCOPE FOR EAP PROGRAM August 4, 2014 OVERVIEW Project Background and Description Introduction As Identified from the “Health Research Report” Stress, Fatigue and Dietary can have a solid impact on productivity with absenteeism and presenteeism. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a work-based intervention program designed to assist employees in resolving personal issues that may affect the employee’s performance. The core service of EAP is confidential counselling. Confidential counseling is a short-term and solution-focussed services offered to individual employee. Employees and immediate family members (in some cases) have 24/7 access to qualified counsellors for any psychological problems. EAP also focus on pro-active and preventive measures to help organisations better understand and prepare for mental health issues arising from work/life situations. The focus in EAP is to enhance the level of the employee’s well-being and to promote a positive workplace culture. Project Scope Counseling is focused on resolving employee psychological issues with the help of a qualified professional counselor. People turn to counseling when they feel depressed, anxious, bullied, under stress or at crossroads in their lives. Counseling gives them the chance to talk things through, very often relieving building emotional pressure, clearing the way for them to focus and decide what to do next. Counseling can provide your employees with a sense of direction in working through their problems. High-Level Requirements Where an employee is referred to the EAP program by a manager. In most cases these types of referrals are linked to a performance or behavioral issue that is being managed by the employer. When making a Manager Referral, client organizations are

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