Assessment for Learning Essay

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Formative assessment is a variety of informal and formal strategies that are used by teaching staff during the learning process in order to adapt teaching and learning activities, this may include changing priorities and commitments, or using new procedures to improve children’s achievement in school. It establishes where a learner is in relation to their learning goal, where they need to get to and showing how to get there. It is designed to give pupils feedback to enable them to improve in their learning by helping them understand what is expected of them in relation to their learning objectives and suggest how to develop their work to attain maximum achievement. Formative assessments are ongoing, carried out by Teachers using assessment methods such as: Observation – gathering information by watching the children work and noticing how they work things out. Open-ended questioning – enables children to think for themselves and gives them the opportunity to put their ideas forward. Listening – gathering information by listening to children’s descriptions and reasoning. Checking and understanding - by questioning the children about what they know to see if they understand what is being taught and why. Engaging children in the reviewing process - encouraging them in every session to think about what they have learned, to measure it against the learning objective and to see how they might apply it in the future. Summative assessment is the formal testing of the pupils to ascertain what they have learned during a course of time, this could be at the end of a project, the end of term or the end of the school year. Summative assessments can be in the form of written tests, for example, Key Stage SATS, or end of year school reports. The information gathered using summative assessment is marked and graded, then feedback is given to the pupils and the

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