Assessment Criteria Essay

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Examples of Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria These examples are taken from a forthcoming publication – Moon, J (2002), A Handbook of Programme and Module Development, Kogan Page, London – due Feb 2002. Learning outcomes Below are examples of learning outcomes. In some cases, comments are made about specific features. Eg 1 Level 2 For a short course At the end of reading this chapter the reader is expected to be able to produce effective learning outcomes for a module in higher education, pointing out the main components of the learning outcomes. Eg 2 Level 2 B.Ed programme At the end of the module the learner is expected to be able to - - explain the more common reasons for difficult behaviour in primary school children in class situations, indicating standard techniques for ameliorating that behaviour. or - within the context of a class situation, demonstrate and evaluate the use of appropriate examples of positive reinforcement for the purpose of the improvement of behaviour. Eg. 3 Level 3 English Literature. At the end of the module, the learner is expected to be able to - - demonstrate detailed understanding of the influences of the historical and social context within which the chosen text is set, both from the study of the text itself and from the study of other contemporary literature. (Comment: this learning outcome could mention the text by name, but by focusing on the skills to be acquired, one avoids being tied to the same text in the future. In addition, the learning outcome is about learning in more general terms than the specific text). Eg 4 Level 2 Physics At the end of the module, the learner is expected to be able to - - perform correctly
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