Assessment Centres Essay

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ASSESSMENT CENTRES Is a technique used in the selection of candidates for a job in an organisation .Most businesses ranching from larger organisations and increasing number of medium sized companies uses assessment centres as the final stage of recruitment of graduates on to graduate schemes and students on to placement schemes. It is mostly used to help determine which employees have the potential to be promoted into management positions. Lasting from half a day to three days , assessment centres involve individual and group exercises to assess skills and competencies that are hard to judge from interviews alone such as; ® interpersonal skills such as teamwork, leadership, social awareness listening and public speaking . ® Problem solving , analytical skills , prioritising , decision making , planning , working under pressure and commercial awareness. Assessment centres employs a variety of techniques and multiple observers in a close setting. They often combine traditional assessments such as interviews and psychological tests with stimulation exercises including in basket which is (the provision of candidates with a series of items that might be found in an inbox and ask them to indicate actions that would be taken) or leaderless group put several candidates in a group setting with a task to complete. Trained ratters would review each candidate’s performance in each exercise and provide scores. Based on the analysis of the skills and competencies for the job in question. Exercises for the candidates are selected in order to review information regarding the required qualities and attributes. Assessment centres have been shown to be useful for hiring employees because they are valid predictors of employee job performance that is scores in the assessment centres are related to job performance. Employees believe assessment centres to be the most accurate

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