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10 Influential Parts of Becoming Naturally Therapeutic By Delia Eicke Empathy is the most important trait in helping people; in short it would be walking in the other persons shoes. Feeling their pain, living the experience as perceived by the person. This leads to complete understanding, as to the emotions and pain that they feel. Genuineness a trait that reveals complete honesty, not rationalizing, nor making excuse on ones behavior, getting to the point. Being open no matter the problem or situation. Being direct, bringing to the surface, a person’s emotions and truth as to what is really at the core of the situation that they are feeling, being real. Respect, a trait that is very important, it allows the person to be in control of their decision making no matter what we think, because people have a right to their own opinions and beliefs, we should not be rash as to criticize another person’s decisions and not to control them. For example even if we don’t except our significant other’s drinking, we need to respect their decision because they are adults and if or when the fall they are the ones who have to deal with the consequences. Not saying that we should not allow them to destroy themselves…again respect their decision. Self-disclosure is an art which should be used only to help someone understand that they are human, and their life matters. A counselor can be honest and disclose parts of her life that can be beneficial to the client, should be used only in discretion, and should never confess or vent her own feelings to the client; this would not be therapeutic to the client and may cause more problems. Warmth is a deep process, to allow the client to be one with the counselor, and emotional bond when the client is feeling lost and alone. Just knowing that someone cares how they feel and what they feel. A smile or a touch with another human being is
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