Assessment And Instruction Essay

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Assessment and Instruction In order to enhance performance, you need to improve learning and to implement learning positively, you need to first assess performance. Only then, a teacher can provide the right direction and instructions to the students. Connecting performance assessment to enhanced instructions is vital for effective learning. Hence, integrating assessment and instructions is crucial. How Does Assessment Influence Instruction? Through performance assessment, when teachers are aware of their pupil’s progress and know the difficulties their students face, they are in a better position to make the right decisions. The teachers know the next step that they need to take in order to improve learning. They will know exactly what needs to be thought and how. With the help of performance based results, teachers make instructional placement, formative evaluation and diagnostic decisions in order to issue better instructions. Assessment and instruction go hand in hand because the results of assessment directly influence the instructions that will be provided. What Standards Should Assessments Meet In Order To Enhance Instructions? Assessments provide the necessary information and serve as a guideline for instructions. The result of assessment and instruction format implemented by the teacher has a direct bearing on each other. If performance assessments are to address instructional decisions, they should meet the following criteria: 1. Assessments need to gauge and determine the desired learning results. 2. Assessments results are used to formulate instructional decisions and hence, should first satisfy and fulfill the purpose of assessment. 3. Give a clear idea of the student’s performance so that appropriate instructions can be provided. Assessment evaluates the performance of students in various situations and hence, helps the teachers to

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