Assessment and Care Planning for the Adult in Hospital

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Assessment and Care Planning for the Adult in Hospital Care planning is the most important aspect of holistic care even though it is highly underestimated and often neglected. A holistic assessment involves looking at the individual as a whole rather than their illness. By doing this we can form a balance between the nature of person and the environment they are in. Holistic assessment will help to identify individuality, personality and spirituality (Makienen et al, 2003). More often a nursing assessment is based on the medical side of the patient rather than the holistic approach. In this assignment I will be discussing the importance of the nursing process, care planning, and looking at how these are used in practice. I will look at the tools used in the nursing process and show an understanding of how effective they are when used correctly. I will achieve this by describing a case study of a patient from my practice area, and discussing two specific areas that affect the patients care. Throughout this assignment I will be using a pseudonym to maintain patient confidentiality in order to conform to ‘The Nursing and Midwifery Code’ (NMC, 2008). Harry Jones is an 82 year old male who was transferred to the ward with a left fractured neck of femur, following a fall in his home. As a result he was due to have a hemiartroplasty that day. Harry lived at home with his 79 year old wife and his dog. He has been retired from the police force for 21 years. He lives in a 3 bedroom house close to the town centre. He still drives and goes to a weekly bowls club. Harry has a past medical history of type 2 diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, suffers with anxiety and low mood. Once transferred onto the ward from accident and emergency, an initial nursing assessment was done with the patient; this is the first step of the nursing process. According to Bellack, J.P and

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