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Assessment 1 Scenario You are the General Manager of a medium sized firm producing components for the automotive industry. Your head office, based in Japan, has instructed you to implement a cost reduction strategy that is part of a company-wide re-structure. This includes reducing the number of employees in your branch and increasing customer pricing. Both have negative impacts on your team. Explain in 3-5 sentences for each question how you would: 1. Clarify objectives, values and standards of your company to your team at this difficult time As the General Manager, I would communicate to clarify the objectives, values and standards of our company to my team by personally talk to them and email the staffs who are not have the chance to meet. I would assure them that with the remaining team, we would reach the goals and get the success together. 2. Establish linkages between organisational objectives, values and standards and the responsibilities of the remaining people in your branch Every team member has to understand the short and long term goals for the team. They should also understand the path for fulfilment of the goals, the segments (breakdown) of the project, the deadlines, the processes and the procedures involved. I will have to clarify goals and clear all the doubts at the time of goal setting, and to regularly check that the understandings continue to hold. 3. Ensure media and language used is appropriate to your team when you communicate the new situation to them. In communicating the new situation to the staffs, I would take some of these way : During meetings, participate by sharing ideas, but also take the time to listen and not monopolize the discussion. I would also giving a speech, realize that you are the only one talking. Anticipate questions your audience may have and try to address those in your communication. I would

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