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Developmental Assessment | | Unsatisfactory | Needs Improvement | Satisfactory | Demonstrates Proficiency | Exceeds Expectations | Language1 | | | | | | 0yrs.-4yrs. | Infant/child does not make eye contact, babble or use gestures to communicate. | Infant/child makes motion with mouth but no sound, comes out to communicate, brief eye contact. | Infant/child makes noise, babbles, and movements when communicating, makes eye contact. | Infant/child babbles and makes proper eye contact, Indicate yes and no (nods and shakes head, other), | Infant/child maintains proper eye contact gestures appropriately makes appropriate facial expressions, initiate communication, take turns in conversation. | 5yrs.-8yrs. | Cannot give his or her first and last name. Has trouble communicating daily activities and needs with others. | Speaks first name but cannot speak last name.Cannot express feelings or needs on a regular basis. | Student is able to communicate with other students but has trouble expressing needs to adults. | Student is able to express needs to others and begins to engage verbally in group activities. | Student is expressive and confident in expressing themselves and telling needs to both adult and children alike. Ability to engage with other children while performing a given task. | 8yrs.-10yrs. | -Student shuts down and will not explain why they are upset.-Student is inconsolable. | -Cannot express themselves so the student will hit or scream instead of using their words. | -Student effectively communicates with their teacher but shows poor language skills with other students. | -Student begins to feel competent in skills and have preferences for some activities and subjects and expresses this. | -Thinking is organized and logical.-Can converse at almost an adult level. | 11yrs.-13yrs. | Student does not speak, and cannot write. Student

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