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An Essay a. Distinguish between the following terms: (12 marks) * Assessment for learning * Assessment as learning * Assessment of learning b. Discuss three (3) ways a constructivist teacher can use assessment for learning to improve the academic performance of students. Give appropriate examples in your discussion. (9 marks) Language and organization (4 marks) By HAREEN HUNTER ID#:SS/9063/SDF/2011D An Essay presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course Assessment in Education in the Department of Professional Studies Degree Programme Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College September 10, 2013 Senior Lecturer: J. Simpson (Msc. Bsc. T.T.) Department of Education As a proficient teacher it is important that the teacher be aware of the students’ current knowledge, abilities and skills in order for the teacher to facilitate and teach in an effective method. When a teacher is precisely able to assess her students’ development then the teacher will be able to highlight whether or not her teaching methods and strategies are being effective, and be able to identify and target the areas in which the students’ need assistance. Assessment is a necessary factor in the educational system, and all teachers should be aware of the many means and methods of assessing. “Classroom assessment is the process of gathering evidence of what a student knows, understands, and is able to do. It can also help to identify students' learning needs.” (Ministry of Education; British Columbia). Various forms of assessment are then thus needed to be utilized in the classroom. Assessment is implanted in the learning process, it is therefore intertwined with instruction and the curriculum. The curriculum outlines various goals and outcomes that should be achieved over a period of time. These goals and outcomes are accomplished by

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