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Samir karki ID 07207008 Assessment 3 CASE STUDY 1. The issues faced by the Highway Motel are 200 customers complaint related to cleanliness, hygiene conditions, food items, room services, attitude of staff, etc. Motel has no standards been set because of not proper training and management. 2. A model of group decision and suggestion making by Kerrie: • Examine the situation and identify • Diagnose causes • Meeting with staff • Face to face group discussion • Monitoring and evaluating need for changes to the customer services • Provides more training • Implement action plan 3. To provide a defect free delivery of goods and services at Highway Motel at the lowest possible cost the suggest ways: Proper delivery of food Proper storage of food Proper handling and preservation Proper quality of food 4. Bar charts data documentation and presentation method may be suitable for Highway Motel to address the various customer complaints. Bar charts are visual displays of data which used to give visual impact, compare different types of data at different time. Kerrie can choose grouped bar charts that divide data into groups as well as between categories which give Kerrie useful information than a simple total of all the components. 5. The SIPOCC model could be used by Highway Motel by the following ways: • Suppliers: Check food quality and dates Check food delivery service time • Inputs: Upgrade the furniture, electrical things like Tv , cables , lamp, bulb etc, Staff should well behaved to the customer • Processes: Take the action for complaints, Provide training to the staff Update the technology. • Output:

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